Our Vision for the Future

       At Willis Marine we pride ourselves in learning from the past, but continue to look forward.  We strive to build a better product with each and every build.  Our new look incorporates a very “Organic” feel.  The boat seems to flow naturally as if from nature herself. A quality Custom Yacht should reflect the wishes of the client as well as the builder.  The Design Phase of a new build is critical. We spend more time listening to our customers during this period than most other builders.  One of my favorite sayings is “A man cannot learn anything with his mouth open”.  In other words, talking is only regurgitating what a man already knows,” Only when a man listens can he truly learn”.  Our spiral of design takes into account overall Aesthetics, Performance, Sea Keeping Ability, Comfort, and Economy.  Only then can all these elements be “funneled down” into an intelligent build.  We strive to use the very latest proven technology available, with modern materials and techniques such as Carbon Fiber, Closed Cell Foam, High Temperature Epoxy Resins with Post Curing and Infusion.  Our in house CAD department is second to none.  We build a 3D Model of the vessel before we start production so as many conflicts as possible can be resolved before construction begins. This also gives the client a chance to view the new vessel inside and out and address any changes or concerns before the start of construction.  This technology is very powerful and assures that all expectations are met.  In the end only a satisfied customer experience will build the bonds necessary to move Wills Marine forward.  Please join us as we take a ride together, moving forward.